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Happy Nappy Cakes is a Cottage Industry E-Commerce business looking to expand and update their online presence. They are a Baby gift company site who retail high end Bespoke Products. My role involved UX Research and Design, Branding and UI Design.

Existing Website Analysis (Heuristic)
The User Interface is dated and uses an open source platform which does not lend to good design. The website has flow problems. The site is not intuitive. There is no indication as to what steps the user takes to successfully purchase a product. The website does not have a consistent design throughout. The payment gate is not in sync with the existing design / branding. The layout and design is sometimes simplistic and does not inspire user trust. The product images are very small and not of good quality.

Discovery and Secondary Research Phase

I researched Happy Nappy Cakes business environment to determine market strength and growth especially in Ireland and Europe. Main Points: Internet Retail shows increased sales in 2016 and 2017. Forecast for the future will see sales double again in 2018.

Conclusion based on research:

It is imperative to update The site to keep up with the growing demand for online shopping. also customers are more discerning and will only shop on trustworthy well laid out professional sites.

Competitive Analysis:

Looking at other online retailers to Identify Key Traits of the niche and Design Patterns to facilitate the customer journey through the site. amazon,

Future Recommendations

Mobile App needed to fully realize the company online potential. Facebook marketing campaigns to increase awareness and traffic Web analytics installation to give useful user feedback. to chart / improve user flows and exit rate.

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